Council records show that Can Gelpí first opened in 1912 under Josep Gelpí i Marqués, who known as Pepet, and Pietat Casademont Francech, who went under the local name of La Baba Pi.
In 1924 they bought the building and added 2 floors, which they used as a hotel, with 5 rooms on the first floor and five on the second. The first-floor balcony room saw its fair share of celebrities and actresses who were famous at the time. Films of all kinds were shot here, with one of the most famous being Roads to the South with Yves Montand and Miou-Miou.
In the 1940s the restaurant was converted into a bar, as Pepet had bought the house with the arches, which overlooks the beach of Port Bo, and which he made into a restaurant. One of the last banquets held was for the King of Italy, Humberto II. The driving force in the kitchen was none other than La Baba Pi (Pietat Casademont), who was always to be found amid pots and pans, giving directions and preparing meals. Her chicken with lobster was a much appreciated dish, and even well-renowned chefs from Barcelona came to the kitchen to learn her secrets.


On the passing of Pepet, his son Joan Gelpí, took over the bar. While in the 1970s his daughter, and her husband, Peter, entered into the family business, which at the time did not include the hotel.
In 2002, Roser, Peter and their children, Karin and Marc, who had already begun working in the business, undertook a large-scale remodelling project on the building, transforming it into a restaurant.
Today the family’s third generation; Roser, Peter, the fourth generation, Karin and Marc and the fifth, Irina will all be happy to make you feel at home.

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